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12 - :2009510 Tajik-istan. We all work variouscapacities PragmaCorporation. businessadvisor (gen- e etc. alsowork LaserLeveling Company. Five Uzbek excavators recently lost jobsafter Bri

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Emomali Rahmon is the President of Tajikistan. Rahmon has been the leader of the cou all those other people that create products for farmers so that farmers can produce food

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Hi, I am doing a good job here in Dushsnbe city of Tajikistan, I want a sincere and honest female friend.because I hate all the liers persons so plz just who contact with me who are

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1000 - :2015928 Tajik- - istan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan--to develop into democracies in the near ter Relevanc e for Central Asia All of the above bears on the situatio

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I said. Ho.I want to kill you. HaHaHaHa. OK no problem. I stay here waiting for you kill me anytime be OK? HaHaHaHa, it was a jokeing. but she has angel face and slender figure,

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Moghul envoys seen in Beijing in 1656 by , who took them for representatives of the of In Aside from the towns, which were at the foot of the mountains, nearly all of Nanjiang was

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Tajikistan, Kyr- gyzstan, direc-tion itseconomic, social, culturalimpacts communitieshave radio Internet—all have contributed cen-turies-long isolation populatedmountain regions.

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3000 - :20151122 Turkmen DovletHabarlary news agency reported Aug. 20. Stressing the existing impressive potential for further intensification of fruitful Turkmenistan-Tajikistan cooperation, the si

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The election was held to choose a replacement for Islam Karimov, the authoritarian lead In 2014, Freedom House said the Karimov regime has all but eradicated free media in U

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for the Commonwealth,serving Bellarmine University, Berea College, Centre College of Kentucky, eastern Kentucky University, Th e Filson Historical Society, Georgetown College

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Moghul envoys seen in Beijing in 1656 by , who took them for representatives of the of In Aside from the towns, which were at the foot of the mountains, nearly all of Nanjiang was

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and it coined the new name of Zazaistan for the ancient homeland of these Zazas, indica there is not a single foundation or group that represents the Zaza people. I think all flags

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In 1964, King Zahir Shah introduced a new constitution, for the first time excluding all members of the Royal Family from the Council of Ministers. Daoud had already stepped down


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This is the chronicle of a promise fulfilled. In a manner recalling Jules Verne's daring gamble to go Around the World in Eighty Days, FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter vowed to e

China to deploy drones, wire fencing along Xinjiang border to prevent

Tajikistan armed forces to tighten security along Xinjiang borders. The security has been stepped up as Xinjiang also formed the starting point for the $46 billion China-Pakistan E

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and Tajikistan launched Quadrilateral Coop They reiterated to co-operate for tackling these forces for peace and stability of all mem

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However, for all that toughness, Afghanistan has a history of partition. The country suffered the pains of partition when the British Raj drew a border (known as Durand Line) betwee

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Almost all the Uygurs are found in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region which covers more than 1,709,400 square kilometers or approximately one sixth of China's total landmass,

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As Uzbekistan’s most popular singer, she has regularly appeared in concerts and has released several albums. She is known for her vocal opposition to the practice of lip-synci

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stands for the people istan means place so Afghanistan means afghan place Tajikistan. as people in all countries feel, Afghans like their independence. --- This is a hotbed of

China, Pakistan vow to jointly safeguard security of economic corridor

Tajikistan Armed Forces and enhance counter-terrorism efforts. Bajwa thanked China for its long-standing support for Pakistan. He said that the Pakistan Armed Forces is willing